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Welcome to Salty Kitty’s Page


Here is a little about myself, and why I chose my blog name, Salty Kitty. I am Tiffany born and raised in Salty Lake City, Utah. I love cats, big cats (Lions, Cheetahs, Panthers, and Tigers) & small cats (Siamese, Bengal, Birman, and Ragdoll).  I admire felines; they are beautiful, elegant, intelligent, and feisty, all qualities I like. Plus, it has the double meaning with salty as in feisty or slightly bitchy. That’s me!

I am a mom of three boys, sister to five brothers, daughter of Maren’s, and a friend to a select few. I am a lover of the arts; music, art, poetry, dance, drama, movies, etc…

I also enjoy reading, writing, singing, and dancing. I am obsessed with history and social sciences (my majors in college and what I teach). Anything to do with astrology, numerology, nomenology, and palmistry I’m all over it. However, I do believe in an internal locus of control.

Most of all I love being a mother to my three boys and watching them grow and expand their talents. I am passionate about life and inner tranquility.

My page will consist of personal inserts, fashion, opinions, and highlights from my educational journey.

Hope you enjoy,




2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Salty Kitty!
    I wanted to ask you if it would be ok with you if i used just the top of the picture from Stranger Things with that Heart in the Moon for a single Rap Track i wanted to put out on Soundcloud!
    With kind Regards!
    Markus from Germany

    1. Hi Markus, thanks for messaging me. I do not own rights to the image. It’s actually the image from Chris Brown’s heartbreak on a full-moon album.

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