Scrap the map

Scrap the MAP!

Solidarity with Seattle teachers boycotting the MAP test

About the boycott:

On January 9, 2013, teachers at Garfield High School in Seattle held a press conference announcing their unanimous vote to boycott the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test.

Some of the reasons the teachers boycott the test are:

  • Because student, teachers, and schools should not be punished based on students test scores.
  • Because reassessment is on going and everyday not just a test
  • Because standardized testing does not tell the teachers everything they need to know about a student
  • Because standardized tests do not tell teachers what the students do know only what they don’t know

Scrap the Map Youtube video

Scrap the Map

How & Why

I chose this artifact because it runs along with what I believe as an educator that standardized test are over used with to much value placed on them. I believe that standardized tests has become more about money and politics then the students or the education process. How are we as educators successfully preparing our students for the “real-world” by shoving tests down their throats. How I will use this article is to mind me to use more diverse approaches to assessments to analyze my students needs, and placement to better prepare my curriculum. Also, to connect with other educators if need be to find out more information moving forward.

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