Immersion (2009) [Short film]

Director: Richard Levien

Writers: John Dilley (script consultant), William Farley (script consultant)

Stars: Gerardo Acevedo, Nabor Acevedo, Antonio Acosta



Ten-year-old Moises has just immigrated to California from Mexico. He doesn’t speak English, but he’s good at math, so he hopes to do well on his first math test in the USA. Using untrained child actors from public schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, “Immersion” plunges its audience into the visceral experience of a child who cannot understand his teacher.

How & Why

I chose this artifact because it is a realistic view into the life of an EL student. Also, because I think this is something that  help me realize that I have grown as a teacher. As I watched it i thought about the different things I would have done in a seminar scenario as the teacher.

How I would implement it in my classroom is to remember the challenges Moises faced and what the teacher could have done to relieve some of it. Such as, differentiating, if I know a student has trouble speak but can write the problem down then I would invite the student to show the class the problem they worked out instead of asking the student to explain to the class. I would also go over common words found in the test to help the student understand and eliminate.

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