Running Records

A running record allows you to assess a student’s reading performance as she/he reads from a benchmark book. Benchmark books are books selected for running record assessment purposes. A running record form, with text from the book printed on the form, accompanies each of the benchmark books.


Marking a Running Record Form
Several terms are used when marking a running record form. You should become familiar with these terms by reviewing the explanations below.

  • Errors (E)–Errors are tallied during the reading whenever a child does any of the following:

–Substitutes another word for a word in the text
–Omits a word
–Inserts a word
–Has to be told a word 

  • Self-correction (SC)–Self-correction occurs when a child realizes her or his error and corrects it. When a child makes a self-correction, the previous substitution is not scored as an error.

  • Meaning (M)–Meaning is part of the cueing system in which the child takes her or his cue to make sense of text by thinking about the story background, information from pictures, or the meaning of a sentence. These cues assist in the reading of a word or phrase.

  • Structure (S)–Structure refers to the structure of language and is often referred to as syntax. Implicit knowledge of structure helps the reader know if what she or he reads sounds correct.

  • Visual (V)–Visual information is related to the look of the letters in a word and the word itself. A reader uses visual information when she or he studies the beginning sound, word length, familiar word chunks, and so forth.

How & Why

This would be beneficial in the classroom because it would allow a teacher to really zone in on where the student is struggling and be able to keep record of the students reading process as well. Running records would be usual B-M-E for most students beginning of the term, middle of the term and end.

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