Details: ReQuest – The purpose of the ReQuest is to help students learn to develop their own questioning while reading to enable them to be better and more active in comprehension.

  •  Use with students advanced enough to read short texts.
  •  Relates to secondary as well as primary
  •  Good for small groups but can be used in whole group
  •   It is important to build students background and vocabulary
  •  Select material that will involve students in thinking and predicting

Activity : The students will read a question or sentence ask the teacher a question. The teacher will answer and in turn ask the student a question. The purpose for this s to model good questions for the students and to help then with developing their own good questions.

  • When answering questions the text is closed
  • Midway stop the students have them predict what will happen the rest of the text and then let them monitor their predictions.
  • Once finished with the text ask the students to discuss/recall what they read and what they predicted.

ReQuest is designed to build students independent reading comprehension and develop confidence in their ability to actively understand and retain what they’ve read.

Why & How: I would use ReQuest because i think it is a great way to engage students in the reading process as well as teach them how to ask better questions. As a history teacher I want to be able to teach my students how to be historians. In order to be a historian the students will need to be able to conduct research. Vital components to conducting research is to be able to depict reading and ask informative questions. I believe ReQuest will provide students sufficient practice with  those needed skills.

ReQuest video

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