Home Language Survey (HLS)


Utah schools are required to obtain the following information in order to comply
with federal and state educational guidelines. Please complete the information
requested below. If needed a school official may provide you with assistance in
the language that you understand.

How & Why:

I would use Utah’s home language survey to start the first process of placement inquire. First, I would make sure that the parent or guardian filling out the HLS had a clear understanding of what the survey is about and the questions on the survey. If they had any issues I would seek to have it interpreted for them. Because the HLS gives educators an insight to the language spoke in the home although, it does not give the educator insight to the student’s academic English. Yet just knowing the four questions asked on the survey will help the educator eliminate or pursue further inquiry.

  1.     What was the first language that the student learned to speak?
  2.    Which language is used most by the student?
  3.    What is the language used most often at home?
  4.    What language do you prefer for school to home communication?

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