Persuasive Essay Outline Graphic Organizer

Persuasive Essay Outline Graphic Organizer


This is very useful for students learning how to write a literary persuasive essay or who need to review the essay writing format. The focus is on organization and presentation. The organizer is easy to read and self-explanatory. That is why I chose this as one of my artifacts. It will be extremely important for students to know and understand how to write persuasive essays I think this graphic organizer will be the perfect aid to help students visualize the outline while constructing the essay.

I would use this in my classroom by first going over the requirements of an essay and the graphic organizer with the students. Then over the course of the unit I would check in with the students and make sure required sections are filled out. Then I would provide an example of how the graphic organizer can be used as an outline, from there the students will be prompted to create the rough draft and so forth.


Persuasive Essay Outline graphic organizer

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