Student-Centered Rubric

Involving Students in Learning through Rubrics

Yoshina, J. M., & Harada, V. H. (2007). Involving Students in Learning through Rubrics. Library Media Connection, 25(5), 10-14.

Involving Students in Learning through Rubrics


“When students are involved in designing rubrics, assessment becomes front and center. As students examine models and discuss issues of quality, they set goals for their own work. Rubrics are a great tool for continuous assessment and improvement – Yoshina, J. M., & Harada, V. H. (2007).”


In inquiry environments, assessment is integral to the learning process. This means that students not only assess their own work, but they also help identify the criteria for assessment and design the tools for measuring the quality of the performance. One critical assessment tool, which is being used in countless classrooms, is the rubric. Increasingly, educators accustomed to using rubrics as a tool for improving students’ writing are applying the same strategy to monitoring and assessing a range of authentic learning tasks. Rubrics make quality the standard for assessing both teaching practices and student achievement. They encourage students to shift their thinking from “What have I learned?” to “How well have I learned it?” A well-constructed rubric identifies the criteria for a successful performance and describes the qualities of strong, adequate, and weak performances. Students who are involved in the process of creating a rubric have a better understanding of what must be done to reach expectations. With the rubric as a guide, they learn to monitor their own progress and make improvements in a timely manner. Heidi Goodrich Andrade has identified key guidelines in developing sound rubrics. In this article, the authors have extended Andrade’s guidelines by indicating how the instructors and students might work together to design useful rubrics. They have used two examples to explain how library media specialists might be involved in the creation and use of rubrics

How & Why:

I chose this artifact because I think it is important to have a classroom that is student centered. I really believe the quote above, and believe the more students are involved the more interest and effort they put forth in their work. I do not plan on having every rubric student centered, there is a time when certain things or subjects (on test, or essential knowledge) maybe required  and can not be negotiated.

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