Peer Assessment Rubric

Teachers dominate and control speech within a classroom, leaving few opportunities for ELLs to interact among themselves in meaningful discussion. Peer assessment is an effective means for having ELLs practice academic language with each other that is grounded in standards and tied to lesson’s or unit’s activities – Gottlieb, 2006, pg. 145

How & Why:

I chose this artifact because I think this would be a good way for students to evaluate each other and pay attention during a peer’s presentation.  I also believe it would be useful to the student who is being assessed to receive feedback from another source besides their teacher.

For this assessment rubric I would randomly select a couple students to evaluate the presenter. I would always try to different students so they receive so diversity in their feedback. I would of course discuss how and why we implement this is our classroom before we proceed. Nonetheless, not only do I believe the peer-assessment rubrics provide an alternative perspective I also believe it establishes a sense of community in the classroom.

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