MED 625 & TESL 325 – Assessment for English Learners- Westminster College

Class Description: Students will apply content from the Methods and Content Area Instruction courses to develop a rationale for incorporating assessment as an intrinsic and ongoing aspect of the teaching/learning process. Students will learn ways to monitor student progress, place students appropriately, and design authentic assessment for elementary, secondary and adult English language learners. Students will also explore policies and practices of standardized assessments commonly used to assess English language proficiency and academic language development within the context of U.S. public schools.


My project: This was my final class to receive my TESOL endorsement. One of my assignments was to create an Assessment Portfolio with information, ideas, analysis, and reflection of assessment learned throughout the course.

Link to my self-assessment: portfolio_self_assessment


Assessment Portfolio Final Project


  • Encourage reflection about assessment
  • Showcase materials developed for assessment purposes
  • Organize course content in a useful manner for future teaching/administration

 Content Options:

  • Reflection papers
  • Organized notes from readings, discussions, and presentations
  • Assessment measure evaluation
  • Developed materials

~ Rubrics

~ Checklists

~ Rating scales

~ Sample wall charts

~ Interview questions

~ Benchmark examples

~ Letters for parents/guardians

  • Resources

             ~ Annotated bibliographies

~ Web site summaries

~ Book lists


Table of Contents (category ideas here but you can adapt, you need to have at least 6)

  1. Assessment Principles
  2. Placement Assessment
  3. Reading/Writing Assessment
  4. Rubrics
  5. Standardized Assessment/Accommodations
  6. Visual & Graphic Support


  • Contents must be of professional quality (following the principles of the course for assessment)
  • Entries reflect thoughtful and thorough examination of course issues
  • Explain why you chose the item and how you will use it in practice.
  • Contents are organized in a useful manner

Personal reflection statements are include with each item

–  At least (3) items are included for each category

Hope you enjoy.

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