Oh my Balm

Show me a woman…

Show me a woman who raises her boys to be good men. 

Show me a woman who takes pride in her work.

Show me a woman who can lose her home to fire right before the holidays and still hold shit down. 

Show me a woman who respects her body, who honors every stretch mark on her belly.

Show me a woman who lifts, who empowers, who makes you feel brighter for having spent time with them. 

Show me a woman who is fierce and sensual, 

tough and tender, 

intelligent and humble, 

brave and mindful, 

principled and forgiving, 

who when dealt a shitty hand, 

walks forward

and I’ll show you a woman who can move mountains.


I love you, girl.


You bad.


Those are the words Tiffany the owner of Balm wrote for me. I was moved to tears when I read them. One, I wish I was as good with words as she is. And two, oh my! I don’t know if I am worth such praise. Nonetheless, I am humbled by her generosity. Tiffany is such an aesthetic soul, I truly admire her and so happy to call her friend.

I have collaborated with Tiffany a few times. However, I’ve never worked Shelby although I have secretly or openly stocked her for the last year. I was super excited when I finally got the chance to work with her. Shelby is seriously one of the most authentic, creative and down-to-earth people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. The whole session went super chill. This entire experience has been truly motivating, I love working with beautiful, talented women.

When I sent the pictures to Tiffany, I said, “I asked Shelby not to cover my stretch marks, but I’m having a hard time with showing them, ya know. I mean for 20 yrs it’s been drilled in my head that they’re repulsive. But at the same time, I’m sick of these non-realistic views social places on women. I gave birth to 3 strong-healthy boys why should be ashamed that my body displays that?” Agh 🤦🏾‍♀️

Tiffany told me, “I love them, more mommy’s need to see this.” She thanked me for being brave. However, I definitely do not feel brave. I feel anxious, nervous, and scared. I have discussed my insecurities on my blog before, but I’ve never bared my stretch marked previously. I still have anxiety about the pictures being up, but for the most part, Tiffany’s words have put me at ease. Because I agree with Tiffany, more mommies need to know that they are still beautiful even with stretch-marks.


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