Pickleball anyone?

“If you’re your authentic self, you have no competition.”

Sometimes I want to go off on social media. But I don’t. My post today honestly doesn’t have anything to do with my pictures, just thought I’d share my thoughts.

I will never trade my authenticity for approval.” – Tiffany

I often have to remind myself that I’m living an authentic life in the truth of my being. I don’t need validation.

I sometimes get annoyed by the number of views on my story compared to the likes on my pictures. I ask myself why people choose to follow me, and watch my every move but not support and root for me. However, I get it; I would be intrigued and curious about myself too.

To quote the great Goku Black:

“I’m so intoxicated by myself I don’t care if I have an audience.” – Goku Black

Jk, but I have wanted a reason to use that quote. Nonetheless, I know that the more I concentrate on being true to myself (living authentically)  the happier, and more at peace I become. Authenticity requires self-knowledge and self-awareness. If I am learning and working on myself I don’t have much time to seek validation. I mean think about it there is no oneself. We are multiples. We are many selves, and those selves have different egos. They can be selves based on the different roles that we play: ‘I’m a teacher. I’m a mother. I’m a colleague.’ The ego is also formative experiences, the things that have shaped you. Therefore, when working on self-knowledge and self-awareness, it’s important to acknowledge all of you. On to a more positive wave-length, I found this article Five Tips for Living a More Authentic Life by Christine L. Carter Ph.D to be insightful and thought I’d share. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks for reading!

  • Ask yourself what you are feeling. Are you afraid of what someone else might be thinking about you? Are you avoiding an inconvenient truth or difficult emotion?

  • Assess the situation. Can you safely share your feelings with others? Would it make you feel better to do so? If yes, go ahead and share. This might feel risky, but authenticity and vulnerability usually create intimacyand connection—two keys to happiness.

  • Decide on an appropriate behavior based on how you’d like to feel. If you are afraid, for example, you might want to choose a behavior to calm your fear, like taking deep breaths. If you are feeling low-energy, you might want to do a few jumping jacks to get your blood circulating.

  • Finally, check back in with yourself to see how you feel. Allow whatever comes up for you. You may now feel both a sense of calm (from taking a bunch of deep breaths) and a little frightened. It is entirely possible to experience more than one emotion at a time. Or, your blahs might have vanished now that you’ve taken a little walk outside.

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