I wish you were here with me,
Walking on the beach in Hawaii
Playing on the golden sand,
Looking at the ocean now I understand
Love is like the open sea,
And I wish you were here with me
On the beach in Hawaii – Ziggy Marley

I’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii so when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped on it. I went to Honolulu, Mishel and her fam lives there. I also met a fantastic photographer Vanessa and had the chance to do a photoshoot in a claw foot tub! Agh! to die for! One day I will have one of my own. The Hibiscus flower crown, and the biscuits flowers by Pamkane (ocean_deamer) we are so beautiful and colorful. Side-note: it is like taking an ice bath with flowers, the flowers have to stay cold, so they don’t wilt. Also, the tub is not that big,  trying to work your angles was a challenge. Overall, it was a lovely experience I’m glad I did it! I’m happy with photos.

Swimsuit: Pink (VS)



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