My life in a snap 📷

Overall, 2017 has been good to me I feel like I had a lot of personal growth, graduated college, started at a new middle school teaching a new subject, my eldest went off to school, I started modeling, and life has just been wild.

Of course, there were downsides, dealing with lupus hasn’t been easy, my mom having cancer, not making the money I want, everyday stresses. However, I really think one of the biggest things that have changed for me is my mindset. I have witnessed first-hand law of attraction. Therefore, I’m really looking forward to 2018, my focus is to link up with positive people, goal oriented, and just focus on living the life I want to live and build/work with stable people around me.

I’ve always like to keep memory books, picture books, my kids have baby books, etc. Technology has definitely stepped up the game and has made it easier to capture everyday moments. However, I typically don’t post when I’m going through hardship. I like to keep some things in my life private and personal. Nonetheless, I do enjoy highlighting the simple things that I do in my life with my kids, with my friends, selfies! Lol. Honestly, life is a blessing, and I’m very thankful and enjoy sharing it.

In 2018, I think I’ll move towards vlogging– we’ll see. But for this blog, I decided to do my life 2017 in a snap. I split it up into increments of my life throughout this last year 2017 captured on Snapchat. I am so thankful to my family, friends, and everyone who supported me the past year. To those who take the time to follow my social media, and read my blog, thank you,  I hope 2017 was useful to you and that 2018 will even be better.

Hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading!



Family Snaps


Fun with Friends Snaps






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