Autumn came, with wind & gold.

My soul wandered, happy, sad, unending.- Pablo Neruda

Although I am not able to physically wander as much as I would like to, I still let my mind often roam whether it’s daydreaming or getting lost in a book. I’m so happy that I started modeling honestly, it has been one of my most prominent stress relievers.  Being able to be creative and get lost in the journey of creativity. I love working with the photographer each look is coming up with a different storyline. I am thinking about how everything from the plot, setting, and character tells the story of the image. Throwing myself into this has helped me through some tough times recently.

This first year of teaching language arts at a new school. Dealing with so many different personalities, lesson planning, much longer hours than I expected. Plus still going to school full-time at Westminister, raising my children, and dealing with my mom’s cancer my anxiety has been at an all-time high. Just having this creative outlet has given me a reason to continue to see beauty in the world.

Don’t get me wrong I love teaching, but it’s not all fun and games. Middle schoolers can be very emotionally draining. Then trying to keep enough love and energy for my kids. I’ve thought about getting “lost wandering” a few times though. Lol

I can’t say I’ll be teaching forever or even teaching middle school forever. I’ve thought of focusing more on cultural studies at a college level. But as of right now, I still have a passion for reaching the young minds through literature helping them develop critical thinking.

Enough of that though,so after looking at my last set of pictures I realized my right arm is my comfort zone when I pose, lol. I’m so glad I realized this and can grow from it. I think one thing that could possibly help me is yoga. I think it would improve my posing techniques. I’ve always loved the way dancers, and people who practice yoga could manipulate their bodies. Plus, it’d be helpful in many other areas of my life too. If any fellow models are reading this, what do you think? What are some methods you use to improve your posing? Please share.

I think that’s a long enough rant for me today thanks for reading.


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