All my kids have a unique style, but Bj has definitely created his own. I’ve been trying to convince him to get into modeling. He loves fashion, enjoys taking photos, so it seems like a perfect fit. He is hesitant because it’s outside his comfort zone, but I believe in order to grow one must be willing to go outside their comfort zone. So when my friend Tavie asked me to model some stuff for his clothing line Avenues. I thought it is a perfect time to introduce Bj to it. And of course, he was a natural! He made me feel like I needed to step up my game! lol

Disclaimer: Yes, the clothing line is Avenues Porn Club. It’s a creative name, and my kids are aware of what porn is. Nonetheless, my son did not wear anything with the word porn on it. However, in my house, we have open discussions. My boys know my rules and respect my rules, and when they come of age, they will be able to make their own decisions on whether or not they will engage in that behavior. However, I know I have done my job as a mother with disclosing the downsides of porn (possible addiction, etc.).

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One thought on “Avenues

  1. So it would be a great idea to take that up with the owner of the Porn Club. I’m sure Kevin has copy rights or whatever to his art. I was just hired to model. Thanks

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