In the cool of the late Tuscan night…


I walked from the big house to the villas

In the cool of the late Tuscan night

I smelt wheat grass and orange blossom

I heard owls and night birds

And rustling in the grass

I saw twinkling lights on distant hills

I felt a thousand years press against my throat

I took the shy silence

Deep into my mouth and ate it

I sensed the dust of a summer night

Felt it envelop and Tusconise me

And I wished I could have remained

In this cool scented darkness

Far away from the conversations

That these days I am forced to have

I would have liked to have turned

Purposely off this road

Plunged straight into that thicket

And become a wild boar, a springing deer

Maybe a rabbit or jumping hare

With beautifully less to think of

Alas up ahead lay my reception

And I braced, sucking in the last of the air

And spat

Into the night dust.

by Geoffrey Fafard


As the sun sets on the last of these beautiful summer evenings, I think of my time in Tuscany. It was storybook picturesque. Like a romantic scene in one of Shakespeare’s plays. Although I was not able to partake in any romance, I did get to participate in a couple of modeling shoots.

I had the privilege of shooting with Andrea of Davide Bischeri Fotografia. There was a language barrier, but it made the shoot fun and entertaining. Britt and I were lucky to be able to find Serena who was working at the hotel to translate for us. Serena was definitely a gem.

I have yet to receive the photos from the winery we shot at I hope shortly I’ll be able to share them. But for now, I hope you enjoy these.

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