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Hey, watermelon man
Hey, watermelon man
Give me one that rattles when you lug it
One that’s red and juicy when you pluck it
Do you understand, watermelon man?

Hey, watermelon man
Hey, watermelon man
Hot and bothered, need a little cooling
When I hear your call I start to drooling
Do you understand, Watermelon Man? ~ Herbie Hancock


I’ve had so much fun modeling. I didn’t expect it to pickup the way it has, I put it on my vision board a few months ago, because it was something I’ve always wanted to do, and I kept having people tell me I should. So I decided to put my insecurities aside and start putting myself out there. One great thing about social media is the connections. I’ve had a few different photographers and companies requesting to collaborate with me, and I know it’s just the beginning. It feels terrific to have people be receptive and supportive. Can’t wait to see where this new hobby takes me.

When you think of summer food watermelon is one that typically comes to mind. While listening to Poncho Sanchez version of Herbie Hancock Watermelon Man, the idea to have a photo-shoot with watermelon came to mind, Classic summer shoot.

I must confess thou; watermelon is definitely not in my top 10 favorite fruits. Please think I’m crazy, but I’m just not a melon person. Fruit became a topic of conversation with my boys and me over dinner.  We all had different opinions, and that made for great debate. We also discussed the history of the stereotype of black people and watermelon. A topic I think is important to discuss with my children of color.  It’s important to know our history, to change stereotypes and to enjoy whatever fruit we want.

When listing my fruits I narrowed mine down fairly well; this is the list I came up with

10 fruits I’d eat before I’d eat watermelon in no particular order
1. Plums
2. Cherries
3. Pineapple
4. Nectarines
5. Oranges
6. Grapes
7. Blueberries
8. Grapefruit
9. Kiwi
10. Apples

Free black people grew, ate, and sold watermelons, and in doing so made the fruit a symbol of their freedom.

Overall, I still think watermelon was an excellent choice for the shoot. I enjoy this juicy shoot, and it did get juicy lol.😜

Hope you enjoy the photos.

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