When in Rome

il piacere

I gifted myself a trip to Italy for graduating. I’ve never been out of the country besides when I went to Mexico on a school trip to learn about the education system there. That trip was anything but luxurious outhouses, cold showers, compost toilets, and lots of bugs. Don’t get me wrong it was an awesome experience, but I’d like to not rough it so much when I travel.

So Italy nine-day in Italy first stop Rome for two days, Florence for four days, and last stop Venice. I’ll do a different post for each location. I’m a history teacher, so I was siked!!!!! I mean come on I was so geeked out all the history in Italy words couldn’t explain how excited I was.

I went with my friend Brittani, who I’ve known since she was little ( I actually use to babysit her, we’re 7 years apart!) loves to travel. Brittani’s not that into history, so it took some talking into to visit the historical sites. She’s more of wanted more of the experience such as going out, eating, and of course photos. However, you can’t travel with a history teacher and not see  historical places, she was game for the most part. Brittani models part-time in Vegas and is an ASL aid full-time. She’s had the chance to travel out of the country quite a bit because of her modeling.  It was really cool to go with Brittani she is very motivated and has such a humble spirit.

I have so many thoughts on Rome. For one, the drivers are crazy but luckily I’m a crazy ass driver myself, so I held my own. The Vatican and Colosseum were more amazing than I could have imagined, and the food and wine…. Thanks to Yelp we’re able to find what I think was the best pizza I ever tasted! I could keep going on, but I’m not a fan of overly long posts. All in all, I wish we had more time in Rome I didn’t get to see everything I wanted to or experience. Nonetheless, it gives me a reason to go back.

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On our way  

Arrive Hotel & Dinner

Day 1  Piazza Di Spagna  & Pantheon 







Day 2 Vatican City & Colosseum




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