Girl with the Braid

Girl with the braid

A blend of threads
Yet dead
A braid on her head
She’s young
Yet old
In mind
She’s bold
Young girl
I could’ve told
“Don’t lose
that fierce sense
of self.”
But she’s gone
Moved on
She’s become
It’s like
Her identity
Was sold.
No more
Will she know
Who she is
She’s only told
Things that don’t make sense in her head.
She’s lost.

-Olivia King Jan 11, 2013


Ever since I was a child like many girls, I have had my hair put in braids. Being a biracial child, my mother had a hard time managing my hair, and she refused to put chemicals on it. Therefore, it was put it braids. I loved wearing braids, I’d wear them in many different styles. I remember being a carefree eight-year-old skipping to school excited to show off her new braids with colorful beads dangling at the ends. Growing up in a predominately Caucasian state my enthusiasm for braids was not always reciprocated often times children, as well as adults, would be cruel and judgmental. Nonetheless, I felt a sense of pride as I still do now whenever I wear braids.  Knowing that it is rooted in both my historical lineage. As explained on “Hair braiding has a long history, dating back at least 5000 years. It has been a big part of many cultures all around the world including Asia, Africa, the Americas, Egypt and even Europe. For instance, in Africa hair braiding can be traced back as far as 3500 B.C. There it was a social event among women.”

Although my hair is not healthy enough to wear tight braids or braids that cause a lot of tension to the scalp such as small cornrows or micro braids, due to my battle with alopecia I can still enjoy dressing up my hair with looser braid designs and adding in different colors of hair. I chose an ombre purple to gray hair this time because I’ve been in a purple phase. I currently have my eye’s on some different colors I can’t wait to try out. While hair braids may come and go for some with fashion trends for me hair braids is a staple of my style.

Just like the complexity and uniqueness of braids as are poems. I happen to have an admiration for both, therefore to add some definite life to my photos I included some creative poems.

Thanks for reading,




I wore my hair in a braid
prepared to help not afraid
he lays in bed till the day
I’m called by him, and I came
his eyes adjust to see my face
the call was for a just in case
I understand, whispering with grace
He turned to look at the vase
and said your braid is tempting
– Amber girl Apr 15, 2015







Fishtail Braid

what had happened
what we made
may be compared to a fishtail braid
the situation
the mess we made
may be likened to a fishtail braid
just as it takes the braid a few minutes
this “love” we had took a few years
woven slowly, outcome dainty
despite the flinches and the fears
just as beautiful the braid is
our “love” was magnificent
oh! the beauty! with sorrow, I’ll miss
never desired for it to end
and then it happened; then you stopped
the fragile masterpiece, the work of art
slowly, the plait became undone;
messy. ugly was the resultI, the fog that fades

I, the fog that fades you,

you, last farewell bade
us, the ruined fishtail braid
-Lunar Love Feb 16, 2014


Shoes ~Steve Madden Clutch ~Aldo

Him & Her. Her & Him.

Messy fishtail braids tickling your collar bones
as we both lie on this secret place; only our hearts know.
No stranger; no-one will ever whisk it away from our lips.

For, this map, atlas, bearing
is etched and inked
on the edge of

our bruised and loved hearts.
-Amanda Dec 28, 2013




tangled together
like fishtail braids
as if they had never parted
and never again would
-Emma Jan 4, 2014

{ T.I. Concert with Akkia}

A girl without braids is like a city without bridges.
-Roman Payne, The Wanderess

{Space Bun}




Braid and Tuck
I braid my hair
hiding wits ends.
You tuck your shirt
as if we like
keeping it all within.
-K Mae Sep 9, 2012




Right over middle
Middle over left

You sit behind me
And braid my hair

“Don’t move your head” he warns
“I don’t want to mess up”

I smile and roll my eyes
Because you couldn’t possibly mess up

You tie my hair
And rub my shoulders real quick

I turn around
And I don’t understand the look he has

Hiding his smile with his hand
Trying not to stare but not succeeding

And I never knew
That braids could have this effect
– Awkard Nov 19, 2013


{Two Cornrows}


A Braid
I keep my hair in a braid
For just like us that which seems
As an individual strand is part of a bundle
Which intertwines becoming the whole.
– Elfor ECH Aug 30, 2014



She braided
her hair into girl hoping for
tomboy friends.
-Sequestered Soul Apr 2, 2015




While I don’t agree with everything said in this slam poetry. However, there are points that ring true, and I can’t deny these two young ladies passion and remarkable talent.

All written poems found on

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