New moon, New Vibes

she was the type to fall in love with the moon, and everything that was beautifully unreachable. – Santiago D.P.


Last night, when writing in my journal it became apparent to me that I am full of myself. I wrote, “I am so self-indulged it is sickening.” As of late, I have felt that I am focusing on the wrong things. I’m not sure if it’s to cover up things I’m avoiding internally but I know that my focus on materialistic and superficial things is just wasting my brain power and time.

However, not all has been completely lost with me, I’ve paid closer attention to the moon cycles, stars, and astrology in general in hopes of becoming more in tune with the Universe, Mother Earth, and to get a better understanding of our higher power to receive inner peace.  To me, the universe is our physical and a spiritual realm.

This morning I woke up and read one of my astrological emails to my liking it was discussed the new moon in Aries and happened that my thoughts from last night coincide with the astrological focus in the new moon.

The Aries New Moon Falls on March 27-28, 2017 and it is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. 

I obviously got extremely excited with a feeling of validation that I am becoming in tune with myself and the universe. It motivates me to continue this journey to study and learn more about the universe, astrology and the universe laws in hopes of aligning more with the universe and manifesting more positive vibes. I am the type to fall in love with the moon, however, unlike the quote above I believe that everything is reachable.

Below is the ritual I will be doing tonight for the new moon, and some of the other info and links on universal laws and the new moon.

Side note on my beliefs: I do believe in God I was raised, Christian. I have studied the social sciences in school I consider myself a scientist. I believe that spirituality and science go hand-in-hand. I believe that God our Creator is the greatest scientist/ mathematician in “existence” I mean take sacred geometry into account. Doing my own research and studying history I am not a fan of religion. However, I do not condone anyone’s personal spiritual journeys and what they choose to follow.

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Aries New Moon Ritual for New Beginnings  via Tanaaz

You will need:

  • 3 red candles (red indicates action, fire, and energy, which is why red is a good choice but you can also use white or orange)
  • Pen and three pieces of paper
  • Smudging tool (sage, essential oils, incense, palo santo, bells, etc.)
  • Bowl of water


1.) Start by cleansing your aura and your space using your preferred smudging tool. For more specific instructions on how to do this, read this.

2.) Once the energy of your space and aura is cleansed, take your pen and papers and write –

  • On the first paper write something from your past that you would like to release.
  • On the second piece of paper write down something you wish to feel in your life right now.
  •  On the third piece of paper write down something you wish to manifest in your life for the future.

3.) Once you have your three wishes, line up your candles in a row and place the pieces of paper in front of them in the same order as you wrote them- so this means the thing you want to release goes next to the first candle and the thing you want to manifest goes next to the last candle.

4.) Light the three candles. Breathe deeply and just take a few minutes to silence and quiet your mind. Perhaps even place your hand on your heart to tune into your soul. Call on your spirit guides and guardian angels to join you.

5.) When you are ready, take the first piece of paper- the thing you want to release, and declare it aloud. Ask your spirit guides and guardian angels to help you release this thing. When you have finished making your declaration aloud, place the paper into the flame of the first candle. Once the paper is too hot, drop it in the bowl of water. (The water is a safety measure).

6.) Repeat this same process with the next piece of paper- state your wish aloud and ask your spirit guides and angels to help you invite this feeling into your life. Place the paper into the flame on the second candle. Repeat this same process with the last candle and last piece of paper.

Safety note: please be careful with the burning the paper in the candles! Do this at your own risk.

7.) Once you are done with all three papers, it is time to blow out the candles. To do this, recite the “I” mantra suggested below and then use the power of your breath to blow out the candle-

1st candle- I release

2nd candle- I feel

3rd candle- I manifest

To close the ritual, take the first candle, the candle you used for releasing and place it outside, you can also smudge it if you don’t have an outdoor area. You can keep the other two candles in your space or on your altar. Discard the water and the paper in any way that you wish to.


21 Powerful Laws to Be One with the Universe and Manifest Your Every Wish: via – Vishnu

1.    Be present. The universe works best with you when you live in the present time.

Live here, now, by simply noticing when you drift away to the past or future.

2.    Be prayerful. Prayer is a practice that allows your heart to communicate directly with the universe. Speak to the universe through prayer, but refrain from groveling or begging. Instead, use these tips to pray the right way.

3.    Be still. Be still. Meditate. Listen to yourself. Allow moments of silence so your intuition or soul will reveal answers to you.

4.    Set an intention. Let the universe know what you would like to see in your life.

A vision board is certainly one way you can express your intention to the universe. You can see how to create a vision board here.

5.    Live as you’ve received it. Simply live today like you already have what you want. Feel those feelings and vibrations like you have your heart’s desire at this very moment.

Use visualization techniques to feel and embrace what you desire.

6.    Be of service. Look for opportunities to help others and improve their lives.

7.    Celebrate everyone’s gift. If you’re only worried about receiving for yourself, the universe sees this as selfish and self-indulgent. Whatever anyone receives, celebrate it. My gift is your gift.

8.    Care about others. Pay attention to what’s around you. Be more observant of your world.

Exercise your empathy at work and in life. Try to understand the circumstances others are in and the burdens they face.

9.    Give thanks. Be forever grateful for what the universe has brought your way.

The more thankful you are, the more goodness the universe delivers to you.

The secret here is to be grateful for even the smallest things.

10.     Be love. Embrace, cultivate and radiate love towards others.

11.     Forgive. Forgive anyone and everyone who has trespassed against you. Use radical forgiveness to let go of the deepest pains and injuries.

The universe can only bring you, love, when the wounds of pain and anger have healed. You must forgive to allow healing and love to envelop your life.

12.     Let go. Let go of what’s holding you down. Let go of emotional turmoil, grudges and hurt. Let go of the past. Let go of pleasurable and painful experiences.

Say this: “I chose to let go of this experience” or “I chose to free myself from these feelings. I will allow these feelings to pass through me like the clouds in the sky.

13.     Trust. Trust that the universe will manifest what is right for you, not necessarily what you’ve asked for.

14.     Be open. Don’t think the universe won’t deliver. Be open to receiving what the universe has in store for you.

15.     Follow the universe’s lead. The universe will point and lead in certain directions. Instead of fighting it, go with the flow.

16.     Pay attention to clues. The universe will tell you what’s right with subtle and overwhelming messages.

To be able to see the clues the universe regularly reveals to you, be more mindful to the sights and sounds around you.

17.     Make space. Start clearing out dead-weight thoughts, emotional baggage and other hurts and pains. Once you let go of a person, a feeling, or unproductive habits, you’ll have additional room for more positive people and circumstances in your life.

Leave toxic jobs, situations and even people so you have some breathing room.

18.     Soften. Instead of being on edge, soften your heart.

19.     Embrace your bliss. Seek and be in a continuous state of bliss, joy, and delight.

This alone will bring you every wish and desire you want. What you’re doing here is raising your vibrations by feeling good. And feeling good is the ultimate secret to manifesting your every wish.

20.     Wait. Universal wisdom reminds us that patience is always a virtue.

21.     Acknowledge the miracles. When something good happens in your life, acknowledge it.




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