Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” – Twyla Tharp

As a young girl, I had a passion for the arts. It was my escape from reality. I could turn the music up to lose myself as I danced, I would write a poem or belt out a song to release my emotions or act out my favorite scenes from old Hollywood films and pretend I was in a Broadway musical for my foster family, classmates, and friends. I would immerse myself in books and romanticize about being in those places and times. I’d find myself wandering through museums staring at the art images imagining what it would be like to be an artist muse. Art brings beauty into a dull world.

When Sundance film festival comes every year to Park City, Utah, I jump at the chance to go. I love the diversity of films at Sundance. I also love the musicians Sundance brings. It’s a great opportunity for me to be able to see fantastic films from around the world, listen to some awesome music performances, and of course have a reason to shop.

With my pastel hair, I was set on finding a pink parka for the cold. Fortunately for me, ASOS had two that I could not resist. I also became completely obsessed with a corset belt I bought from Love Culture. I seriously tried to pair the belt with everything, I love that you can dress it up or wear it more casually. With my parka and corset belt, I was ready to head up to festive.

This year I was able to go to three movies (Time: Kalif Story, Roxanne Roxanne, and Alligator don’t eat my heart) and see three music performances ( Common, Zedd, Lalah Hathaway, and Samora Pinderhughes ). While it was pretty difficult juggling life duties and Sundance events with the help of some awesome friends and understanding from my kids I was able to enjoy a week of fun at Sundance.

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First Night: Club Tao

Common Performed:


Second Night: Music Performances supporting the film Whose Streets




Third Day: Time: The Kalief Browder Story



Four Day: Roxanne, Roxanne

Fifth Day: “Don’t Swallow My Heart, Alligator Girl!” and Zedd at Park City Live






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