Home for the holidays 🏡 🎄 

I know people say all the time that Christmas sneaks up on you, but this year Christmas really did sneak up on me. Finals were extremely busy for me. However, I’m so excited that I finish one of my master’s degrees. I have a master’s in teaching. I will work on my thesis this summer to complete my second Master’s degree, that master’s degree will be a Masters in Education with a TESOL endorsement. Nonetheless, my finals were not over until December 15, so I was not able to really get into the holiday spirit. I did not get my Christmas tree up until after finals when I typically have it put up the day after Thanksgiving. Yes, I am that person who believes that the Christmas tree comes up after Thanksgiving.

With school finals finally done I was able to get my life back together, the house in order, and remind my children that they had a mother. But it was still a waiting game for my oldest son to get into town. Jaden had basketball tournaments which kept him out of town until the 19th.  We only got to have a week with him, so I had to plan fast and precise still keeping in mind that the most fun our family has is just hanging out at home. We are always playing music, dancing around, singing, and playing games. I wish we had more time together, but I am so proud of Jaden, for finishing his first term at college. I truly enjoyed our time together.


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Finished a Master’s:



Jaden comes 🏡:

Winter solstice:



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