Panamanian Princess 🇵🇦 👸🏽 

I love learning about other cultures, in fact that’s what I focused on with my degrees in education multicultural curriculum, culture and society. There’s just something unique and special about each and every individual culture.  I love to learn about traditions, and customs. People tend to be so passionate about them, and I love that; I love when someone is passion about something. I will listen forever when someone is enthusiastic about something.
I was extremely excited when I was invited to the Panamanian festival in Atlanta. I planned on helping my girlfriend get ready by doing her makeup. However, I had no plans on doing her hair and helping her with her dress. There is a very particular way of doing those for the festivities. Nonetheless,  when we arrived at the venue, her mother wasn’t able to help her; I had to go off of Google images to get her ready. I felt pretty happy when people were giving her and I compliments. They were kind of impressed with me as a non-Panamanian that I was able to get her put together. I must say she looked like a Panamanian princess, absolutely stunning!

I look forward to the day I get to experience the festival in Panama 🇵🇦 but until then this was a great opportunity. The dancing, the dresses, and oh the food was absolutely amazing. The experience was such a joy!

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I am light✨ Mom👼🏽👼🏽👼🏽 History & ELA Teacher 📚 Make-up fanatic💄 Freelance Model 📸 Natural curly chick ➰〰🌀🐥 🎓MAT�Me.D 📍SLC

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