Sunday Brunch 🍷Thigh Highs & Flannel 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. There’s something special about Sunday’s! This particular Sunday I dedicated it to catching up with friends. First, I had to decide what to wear with my new suede thigh high boots. To keep it casual I chose an off the shoulders black top, paired with distressed white jeans wrapped with a flannel around my waist.

Next, I met up with my friends Kelly and Rainy to meet their new little one. Their daughter is the most adorable chunky doll ever; I could just squeeze her all day. However, she got pretty annoyed with me fairly quickly. Nevertheless, we had a chance to eat and drink some bubbly mimosas and caught up. I wasn’t quite ready to call it a day, so I called Ms. Patrice once I finished up with Kelly and Rainy for some good ole fashion girl talk.

We met up at Wasatch Brewery for my second maybe fourth round of mimosas. 😉 Patrice and I can speak about anything and everything; love hanging out with her! I asked her to snap a couple of pictures for me but then some ladies walking by insisted we take some together, well we’re not gonna pass that up. I would say this Sunday was a great day. I look forward to more.

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More flannel and thigh-high combo look:


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