My idea 💡 of casual 

I was extremely excited that my oldest son had games in the city. I still can’t get used to the idea of my son is living in another state away at college. While I’m very proud and happy that he gets to experience the “whole college life” it’s been really hard. We miss him tremendously!

On another note. Jaden is very conservative; Jaden does not like when I get any attention, he always wants me to “dress casual” so I don’t draw any attention. Well, here are some of my latest attempts at casual ( outside of sweats/ or joggers). I thought I did pretty well, but of course Jaden doesn’t approve 😏.

Nonetheless, Jaden is an amazing player. We loved watching him play and look forward to many more games!

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🏀Game @SLC 10/22

Hat: New Era *Amazon
Shirt: Others Follow *Tilly’s
Pants: American Bazi *Lulu’s
Boots: No Doubt *Amazon


🏀Game @ USU 11/19

I feel complete when I am with them: I love these kids! These kids are my crew! I never thought I’d care about my son’s girlfriend as much as I do. I considered her a friend as well. We’re lucky to have her in our lives.



This is what I call foolery: fun with selfies


Shirt: Express
Pants: American Bazi *Lulu’s
Boots: No Doubt *Amazon
Jacket: Forever 21

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