Halloween 👻🎃 2016

I really don’t understand how someone could not like Halloween. Well, I guess if you don’t like dressing up, candy, or have strangers knocking on your door and asking for candy then I suppose I could see why you don’t like Halloween.  I, on the other hand, I love Halloween. I start planning for my outfits months in advance I talk about it the year before like I’m already talking about next year because I love dressing up. It is pretty much the only day that you can dress up and be whatever you want there’s nearly nothing too outlandish.

This year I had an awesome costume planned out I was so excited, but ordering all these different things from different places, so when I started to realize that it wasn’t going to here on time I had to think fast. Now, I don’t like doing that typical cutesy cat, witch costume. I try to think outside out the box, and typically I get my kids in on the act but as they’ve gotten older they want to do their own thing. ☹️ anyway back to my costume dilemma so my contacts came in my way came in and my outfit human that makes esterase we’re not gonna be done in time so I scratch that idea and decided that I would try out it out with Comic-con (the people there would appreciate it more anyway 😉).

With a white out contacts, I did not want to do the basic X-Men Storm. Not that I don’t love Storm and not that I would never be Storm; but  if I did do a Storm look I would try to find a comic book version. Starting to see what kind of person I am? I know a little of obsessive/corky.

I had these huge giant wings from like 16 years ago real black feathers, so I decided to re-create a dark angel look. I turned to  YouTube for some dark angel makeup tutorials. Then took the ones I liked and created my own on snapchat. I have to admit going to the club with these huge wings was really annoying! I had to take them off because drunk people close together and big angel wings don’t mix. Maybe if I would had been drinking I wouldn’t have mind as much…

My second Halloween look was simple and classic. I ended up going to the Nelly concert, so I wanted to be comfortable, so I went with a masquerade theme. One of my girlfriends and I happened to be on the same page.

My middle son decided to be a shark with his best friend. This gave me an idea for my last costume on Halloween. I was a mermaid before but feeling very dark I decided to use the white out contacts and re-create my mermaid into a siren. I have to admit the white at contacts are pretty hard to see in, but I still enjoyed every minute of it each makeup session took me about three hours, but I honestly believe it was totally worth it and we do it again and look forward to next year.

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Dark Angel:




Masquerade look:



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