I think too damn much 💭

If you haven’t noticed by now some posts are about what I wear/fashion others are about education, and some are going to be about me just rambling, opinions, my focus, or life and this is one of those.

I think too much, and I find myself always fighting the same demons no matter how much I try to grow. First, I am always in my head. I want to analyze, dissect, scrutinize every little thing. Secondly,  I’ve been told, and I know it is the divine truth I am the most confident insecure person rolled into one. Meaning: I am sure in my abilities, I have no issues going after what I want. I have the utmost determination. However, I second guess myself, overthink everything, beat myself up way too much, and worry too much about how others perceive me.

I just want peace of mind and inner tranquility. I know I could achieve it if I could just get out of my head. Silence my thoughts for just a moment. I honestly try and practice by taking moments throughout the day to meditate, and I consciously remind myself to breathe and release. I stare at my vision board and constantly say positive affirmations. I know I will come to terms with myself when I finally forgive myself and learn to expect myself. I think it’s funny; one would think self-love comes naturally or that it’s easy. But for me, it’s something I have to work on, even so, I’m up for the challenge…

I know who I am, I am light, a soul trapped in a human form seeking and striving for peace.

I just want to be free and liberated

Break Free
Fall in love with yourself
Love Yourself

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I am light✨ Mom👼🏽👼🏽👼🏽 History & ELA Teacher 📚 Make-up fanatic💄 Freelance Model 📸 Natural curly chick ➰〰🌀🐥 🎓MAT�Me.D 📍SLC

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