A queen crowned in curls👑

When I was a little girl, I hated my curls. I would beg my mom to straighten it. She would do her best to blow it out (blow dryer); she even tried to iron it for me. However, she refused to chemically straighten it or use a “relaxer” on it; no matter how much I begged. She would always tell me that people would pay for my curls. Nonetheless, all the other girls at school had straight hair, and all the other girls at school were white, which made me stand out. I just wanted to be pretty like the other girls I saw at school, on tv, and in the magazines. 

To make me happy and give herself a break from the constant tangles, my mother would pay to have someone braid my hair in box braids or crown-rows (with beads on the end 😉). However, once a teen I still valued straight hair because it was long, and when I straighten it, people would tell me I have “good hair.”

It wasn’t until I reached adulthood that I actually started to become comfortable in my own skin and stop using European standards of beauty to define my own vision. I begin to love and except my hair. I’m so thankful for this day that my mom never put relaxers in my hair. I get compliments all the time on my curls.  I wish it wouldn’t have taken me 30 years to realize:

My curls are my crown👑 I now wear them with honor.

Head wrap* thewraplife.com
Earring* jewelsbylisalucy (etsy)


Overalls & shirt *Lulus
Nails* dipmanails (Instagram)

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One thought on “A queen crowned in curls👑

  1. I absolutely 100% can relate ! I always wanted to relax my hair . Thank God I didn’t ! I realized I didn’t need to look like others to feel beautiful . I love stories like ours . It’s awesome to see women embrace their curls !

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