Changing my mind-set

Positive thinking has never come naturally to me.  I’ve come to realize that I come from”grumpy” family. Therefore, I believe it was instilled in me at a young age. However, I’ve had enough and decided I wanted more for myself and to break the cycle.

First, thought process= whenever I’m having negative thoughts I need to stop them. Sounds simple right, not for me its actually super hard; but I can do it.  I have to try to think positive. Even when my mind starts to go off on a tangent and rage, I need to stop and focus.

Second, meditation = I began listening to meditation tracks on my iPod at night before I go to bed to try to calm my mind and help me relax. I notice a difference when I focus on doing this. I wake up more refreshed and energized.

I would like to try and meditate during the day. I have not been able to bring myself to do so just yet. I’m working up to it though.

Third, educate = I’ve been reading books The Four Agreements, and The Secret (I tend just to look over the positive affirmations in this one). I also love searching Pinterest for positive statements, quotes, and suggestions. These things I’ve mentioned inspired me to learn more.

Four, Motivate= I find watching TEDx talks on positivity, role-models, and teaching motivate me to practice more.

Although, it has not changed overnight, and has been extremely hard to focus on I truly believe that each day I progress at creating a better mindset, giving me more hopeful outlook, and positive attitude.

Your comments and feedback are welcomed. Thanks for reading.

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